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23-24 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Initial Training (6 hr)
Offered By : TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804

Course ID : 58906

Through participation in the CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program, participants will learn to identify different behavior levels that an agitated individual may experience from anxiety to a physically aggressive crisis situation. Through the CPI framework, you will learn proactive strategies for prevention, de-escalation strategies for low-level behaviors, safety intervention techniques for aggressive behavior, and steps to facilitate restorative conversations and team debrief sessions.

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Nonviolent Crisis Intervention
Credits Available
6.00 Occupational Therapy IDFPR CEUs
6.00 Physical Therapy IDFPR CEUs
6.00 SLP/ Audiology IDFPR CEUs
6.00 Registered Social Worker IDFPR CEUs
6.00 ISBE (PEL) ELIS Hours
6.00 TrueNorth Attendance; No Professional Credits
No fee.
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Section 27
August 6, 2024   Aug 6, 2024

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Section 27
August 6, 2024
Section ID : 96360
Kelli Hunt
Section Creator: Carolyn Kuttan
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Location: North Shore Academy Elementary; 776 Red Oak Lane, Highland Park, IL
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Registration Closes: August 7, 2024 12:00 am

Meeting Times

Date Start Time End Time
August 6, 2024 8:30 am 3:30 pm